WE DID IT! The city of Evanston has voted to adopt RCV for local elections!

Ranked choice voting puts voters first.

  • Majority Winners Guaranteed

    Gone are the days of politicians winning elections with only a tiny fraction of the votes. Under RCV, candidates are required to have more than 50% support to win.

  • Support Multiple Candidates

    Ranked choice voting allows voters to rank multiple candidates in order of preference, enabling you to vote for the candidate you love while still supporting the candidate you like.

  • More Civility

    With ranked choice voting, candidates are not just competing to be voters’ favorite choice, they’re also competing to be their opponent’s voters’ second or third favorite choice, resulting in more positivity and cooperation.

RCV For Evanston is proudly endorsed by:

  • Daniel Biss

    Evanston Mayor

  • Robyn Gabel

    State Representative

  • Mike Simmons

    State Senator

  • Sebastian Nalls

    Former Mayoral Candidate

  • Juan Geracaris


  • Melissa A Wynne


  • Jonathan Nieuwsma


  • Larry Suffredin

    Cook County Commissioner

  • Eleanor Revelle


  • Rick Marsh

    Board President - Curt's Cafe

  • Stephanie Mendoza

    Evanston City Clerk

Are you ready to vote?

Ranked choice voting is officially on the ballot in Evanston this November, and we need your help to get it passed! Make sure you’re registered to vote, and that your friends & family are, too!

Check your voter registration here

There are three ways to cast your ballot:

  • Early Voting

    Starting Oct. 24, you can vote in person at any of Cook County’s early election sites, including the Evanston Civic Center. You can also register to vote in person with 2 forms of ID.

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  • Mail-In Voting

    Apply online or print & mail in an application to receive and return your ballot by mail. New this year: opt for permanent vote by mail!

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  • Election Day

    Head to your precinct’s polling location to vote on November 8th. You can also register to vote the same day with 2 forms of ID.

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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!